Sonography Admissions

In addition to the regular NYSCAS admission requirements, those who wish to enroll to the sonography program must also meet certain technical standards and:

  1. Be at least eighteen (18) years old by December 31st of the admission year.
  2. Graduate from an accredited high school or equivalent.
  3. Take the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS V). TEAS is a timed test administered by NYSCAS at the close of the admissions process (after March 31st). There is a testing fee that must be paid at the time of testing ($25 per student). Tests can be taken on a Sunday or during a weekday. The focus of the test is to assess a candidate’s knowledge of reading, mathematics, science, as well as English and language skills.
  4. Applicants not possessing an Associate's Degree, AAS, must be able to complete the minimum degree requirements at Touro University.
  5. Applicants with pre-requisite course work from an institution outside of the United States MUST have an official, detailed translation of their coursework into the US equivalency sent to the program from the World Education Services (WES).
  6. Take a Math and General Science test provided by the program.
  7. Submit to a background check
  8. Take a drug test
  9. Pay a non-refundable $60.00 application. (See NYSCAS fee schedule for other applicable fees).

All eligible candidates will be interviewed.

How to Apply

You will apply through our online application at

Here are step-by-step directions to take you through the application:

  1. Click the “Create Account” tab and follow the on-screen instructions
  2. You will receive a PIN # and Password (write them down and save them)
  3. When you are ready to start your application and have logged in, you will first fill out the Personal Information section, then click Save and Continue and you will access the Academic Section
  4. In the Academic Plan section choose the following options:
  1. Under Location, choose: Touro University
  2. Under College/School choose: Touro University New York School of Career & Applied Studies (NYSCAS)
  3. Under Degree Program choose: Medical Imaging Program
  4. Under Major/Dept. use the pull-down menu to choose: A.A.S. Diagnostic Medical Sonography
  5. When asked if you intend to pursue a degree online select: No
  6. When asked if you intend to be a full-time student select: Yes
  7. Matriculation: Yes
  1. Click Save and Continue and complete the rest of the application which includes legal terms, contact information, emergency contact, secondary/HS academic record.
  2. Download the Touro Immunization Form, fill it out and upload it
  3. When you reach the Recommendation section, you will need to provide the names of three recommenders and their email addresses. We will contact them for you.
  4. Review the PDF to make sure your application is complete.
  5. Pay the application fee by credit card
  6. Make sure you click Submit when finished

Transfer Credit Policy

Transfer credits are not accepted for any of the sonography courses. For liberal arts courses, the sonography program adheres to the Touro University Undergraduate Transfer Credit Policy.