Human Services

Help people of all ages and backgrounds live safe and healthy lives. Get your degree in Human Services.

We offer both an Associate of Science (AS) and Bachelor of Science (BS) degree, each providing students with a strong generalist background that includes an introduction to social and behavioral science. We focus on equipping students with the practical skills to effectively serve diverse client populations.

You will graduate prepared for positions at various social service agencies, such as mental health clinics, family support organizations, community centers, and day treatment programs. Job possibilities include work as assistant counselors and recreation leaders.

Human Services Concentrations (Bachelor of Science)

We offer six different areas of concentration for the bachelor of science degree, each preparing you to serve a specific population. All concentrations have the same core requirements, in addition to the concentration requirements.

Please note: Not all concentrations are offered at every Touro location. 

Pathway Program to Earn a MS in Mental Health Counseling

Are you thinking of pursuing an MS degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling? If you get satisfaction in supporting people through their mental health issues or life struggles and are considering a career in mental health counseling, the Behavioral Science Pathway program is a great opportunity. It gives you the chance to explore and experience the master’s program while completing your bachelor’s degree. In the Behavioral Science Pathway program you’ll take graduate school classes that count towards your undergraduate degree and your MS in Mental Health Counseling degree, all as an undergraduate student, reducing your course load in graduate school. Through this program, you will enroll as a Mental Health Counseling MS student in the School of Health Sciences (SHS) of Touro University. To learn more about the Pathway program and see if it’s a good choice for your academic journey, visit our Behavioral Science Pathway Program page.