Start Dates: September & January

We admit students on a rolling basis until the new class is full. Priority is given to those who submit their applications early, and applications we receive by March 1st for September admit and July 1st for January admit will be reviewed first. Seats are limited and admission is competitive, so we recommend you complete your application early.

Admissions Requirements

Applicants to the program are evaluated based on information in the application and accompanying materials. Of primary importance in determining an applicant’s suitability for admission are the high school and/or college academic record and NLN-PAX (National League for Nursing Pre-Entrance Exam) scores.

  • Minimum required college GPA of 2.75. For those without college coursework, a minimum required high school cumulative average of 85%. You will need to send all transcripts to Touro College from the issuing institution.
  • Required minimum NLN-PAX composite score of 110 (waived for Fall 2020)
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Applicant’s character, personality, and contribution to school and community life are also factors considered for admission

Admission to the program is highly competitive and on a selective basis. Meeting minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.

How to Apply

There is a $50 application fee. You can upload all your materials (e.g. letters of recommendation, transcripts) through the application. Go to and create an account. Following the instructions on the screen you will:

  • Select NYSCAS for school
  • Then AS/BS Manhattan
  • For Major select AAS in Nursing (ANR)

Placement Exams

Admitted students are required to take placement exams in English Composition and Mathematics prior to the start of their first semester.

Nursing Transfer Credit Policy

For all science courses in the nursing program, a student must have completed the course within five (5) years of their admission. All science courses must have a grade of "B" or better to transfer in, whether taken at an outside institution or at Touro College. All science courses must have the same number of credits as the Touro College requirement for these courses. For all other liberal arts courses, the nursing program adheres to the Touro College Transfer Credit Policy.

NLN-PAX College Testing Policy

All NLN PAX scores must be sent directly from NLN.

Applicants may test one time every six months. No applicant will be reconsidered if an exam is taken sooner. Your original NLN Pax Score will count towards your application to the program. Applicants can retest at the six-month mark and reapply if they have already received their admissions decision.

Applicants may not use any type of calculator during an exam and all cell phones, tablets, and electronic devices must be turned off. No smartwatches are permitted while testing.

For the 2021 Admissions cycle, Touro College is going to be hosting ONLY the Remote Live Proctor NLN Pax Exams. Please utilize the NLN student guide (PDF) for information on how to:

  • Create a NEW NLN account using the Unique URL provided
  • Purchase Test Prep, Practice Test, and Exams
  • Access your score reports
  • Additional guidelines and assistance in registering for your remote exam

Registering for the Exam

Follow the below instructions to correctly register for the exam.

  1. Create an NLN account - search for Touro NYSCAS - 427422-02 is the code for NYSCAS.
    You will use this link only once to create the account. If you log in and set up your account any other way than described below, your results WILL NOT be tied to Touro which may result in having to retake and repay for exam(s). On this page you will need to:
    • Enter Username (we recommend that you use your email address)
    • Enter Email Address
    • Enter Your School Name or School ID Code (Touro NYSCAS - 427422-02)
    • Enter First Name, Last Name
    • Enter Date of Birth
    • Enter the information requested by your institution in the Details Field (Your entry will be labeled Details in our database)
    • Enter City, State, Phone
    • Click Create New Account
  2. Set up password
  3. Login to the site at
  4. Click "Buy Exam"
  5. Select Pre-admission Exam for Examity
  6. Quantity: 1
  7. Type: Exam
  8. Exams: Pre-Admission Exam Verbal
  9. Proctor Option: Examity
  10. School Products: PAX
  11. Pay with credit card (Price: $80.00)
  12. Click on "My Assessments"


11:59 pm EST March 1st for priority admission deadline for September start.

11:59 pm EST July 1 for priority admission deadline for January start.

If you have additional questions regarding NLN-PAX testing please reach out to

Program Contact

Questions about the NYSCAS nursing program? Contact us at or (718) 885-8500 x58502