Cyber Resources & Activities

Resources for the Cyber-hungry

Learn the cutting-edge technologies powering modern I.T. infrastructure through curated simulation activities, exercises, and instructors from Microsoft’s network.

Hone your cyber skills in the competitive arena with NCAE Cyber Games built to mirror the modern cybersecurity landscape and free for all learners!

A hyperconnected world demands an understanding of the ever-expanding array of telecommunications devices. Get acquainted with the fundamentals necessary to kick off your journey in this field with Cisco Skills for all.

Preparing for Competition

Capture the Flags and hackathons can sound overwhelming to many at the beginning of their journey. Students are often discouraged from pursuing engagements in competitive events out of a perceived lack of resources needed to prepare for them. We prioritize accessibility of high-quality training and education resources for students at Touro as well as beyond the institution in the hopes of shaping the next generation of the cyber workforce. Below is a list of training and educational content developed by world-class educators and professionals.

OverTheWire is an interactive environment that assists students in learning the basics of Linux and security concepts in a gamified form where each shell game has its own port.

PentesterLab is a specialized platform for learning web application security concepts and subversion techniques in a hands-on lab environment. Professional bug bounty hunters credit their application security testing skills to this platform!

HackTheBox is an all-in-one gamified up-skilling platform for cybersecurity focussed on improving red, blue and purple team capabilities. The platform hosts over 500 training labs and machines with misconfigurations for learners to bootstrap their learning.

TryHackMe is a cybersecurity learning platform built with rooms, virtual machines and challenges for students to develop their fundamentals in networking, cybersecurity and blue team concepts. Their newest offering is a pathway in DevSecOps for businesses!

The CLARK Center with the aid of top educators continues to support curriculum improvements and upgrades across institutions within the United States in a wide range of topics within cybersecurity and networking. With over 1500 learning objects, CLARK provides modules in all the salient areas of today’s education environment.

National Cyber League is a skill-based cyber pathway dedicated to making you employer-ready thanks to a unique group of academics. Become part of the next generation of Cyber pros!

Immersion in the happenings of cybersecurity are a crucial component of ‘living’ and ‘breathing’ cyber. We encourage students and learners to invest time in exploring online publications, content creators and podcasts as a means to feed their interest and curiosity in the field through enchanting stories and investigations. Below are a list of resources for readers and listeners.


The Darknet Diaries are a favorite of faculty at Touro, whether it’s covering Hacker groups, oil pipeline hacks or botnets, Jack Rhysider always delivers a thrill ride.

Chris Tarbell and Hector Monsegur were once on opposite sides. The former FBI agent and black-hat hacker are now close friends. Listen in on Hacker and The Fed.

Paul's Security Weekly brings you a lineup of security geeks and nerds in an open forum full of technical segments and informed opinions on the latest security happenings.


Veteran technology analyst, Cynthia Brumfield brings you the latest and greatest of the day’s cyber news with Metacurity.

Security researcher, Zach Allen leads the way with curated content on Detection Engineering, Cloud Security and much more in Detection Engineering Weekly.