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IMPORTANT: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak NYSCAS Career Services has moved to remote appointments and workshops exclusively until further notice. To make an appointment with your Career Counselor and/or sign up for a face-to-face Zoom workshop email and mention, “NYSCAS Student Appointment” in your email subject line.

Many of our students enroll at NYSCAS already considering their career options, and we’re prepared to support them.

Our professional career advisors help students find and secure internships and explore their career options. They can even help you land interviews for part- and full-time employment. 

We regularly conduct workshops and offer one-on-one sessions on resume preparation, interview skills, and job market research. 

And twice a year we bring the jobs to you, hosting career fairs with the participation of many impressive companies. Often the initial interviews, to determine if you will be called back for a follow-up interview, are conducted right there at the career fair.  

Job Search Tools

If you're about to graduate, or need a part-time job while in college, we recommend exploring the apps and platforms available to make your job search easier. Here are a few of the best resources to begin your career search journey:

Connect with Top Recruiters on the Handshake App

The Handshake app is one of the best ways for college students to find jobs. After you create your profile, Handshake will send you jobs and internships tailored fit to you. The top employers - including all the Fortune 500 companies - recruit through Handshake, so you’ll have access to some of the most sought after jobs and internships Recruiters can also find your profile and message you directly on the platform, saving you time and making the process easier. If you want access to all the best job opportunities, Handshake is the way to go. Visit to get started.
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Build Your Resume with OptimalResume

OptimalResume enables you to create, present and manage your resumes all online. Explore their powerful yet easy to use tools, including an intuitive editor and point and click styling palette. You can store multiple versions of your resume and return anytime to update them. OptimalResume makes it easy to change your resume style, format, and organization. Having a well written resume is one of the most important parts of the job hunt, and you’re encouraged to start using this system. The platform also highlights useful action verbs and industry-specific tips to help your resume stand out. It’s never too early to start creating your resume, and the process is much easier with OptimalResume.

Build A Resume Online Powered by OptimalResume

Discover Helpful Career Resources at

Find your next big job interview at The Job Fairs section has helpful articles about jobs and a listing of current job fairs in the area. When your resume is polished and ready to go, visit to get started in your search.


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