As part of the Touro College & University System, NYSCAS offers many pathways to Touro graduate schools and the career of your choice.

Our innovative coursework ensures that graduates are well-prepared to pursue advanced degrees in related fields.

For motivated students who know they want a career in a doctorate in pharmacy or medicine we have guided pathway programs. We have accelerated master's programs in education, business, and behavioral science to help you get to the career you want faster, saving on time and money.

Behavioral Science

Are you a business major interested in organizational psychology? An education major interested in therapy for students with autism? Or a psychology or human services major interested in mental health counseling? Our Behavioral Science Pathway allows you to seamlessly transition to a master's program in any of these disciplines at Touro's School of Health Sciences.


An MBA is one of the most versatile degrees you can get, and you at Touro you can significantly reduce the time and tuition to get one. You can get started on your Master of Business Administration (MBA) by taking graduate-level courses while completing your undergraduate degree at NYSCAS. These credits count towards both your bachelor's at NYSCAS and your MBA at Touro's Graduate School of Business, which means you have less credits, less cost, and less time, to finish your MBA. This 4-year undergraduate plus 3-semester graduate pathway option allows eligible NYSCAS students to continue without interruption to earn an MBA from Touro’s Graduate School of Business.


The Honors Teacher Preparation Pathway(TPP) is a joint program between NYSCAS and Touro’s Graduate School of Education that allows promising undergraduates to earn graduate credits while earning your bachelor’s degree and completing an MS in the field of education in only one year.


If you’re interested in a PharmD and a career in pharmacy, the Pharmacy Fast Track with Touro College of Pharmacy will get you on your way sooner. 

The Pharmacy Fast Track allows you to earn a bachelor’s and a PharmD degree in less time, at lower cost. This joint pathway of NYSCAS and Touro College of Pharmacy (TCOP) enables you to use 30 credits of graduate-level courses towards both your bachelor’s and PharmD degrees.


If you’d like to become a doctor, the Medical Honors Pathway offers a clear and direct pipeline to Touro’s New York Medical College (NYMC), with the mentorship and guidance to help you succeed.