GPHN 101 Introduction to Philosophy (4 Credits)

This course covers techniques of critical analysis, familiarization with classical and contemporary writings in such areas as ethics, epistemology, metaphysics, political and social philosophy, philosophy of science, and aesthetics.

GPHN 108 Ethics and Life Sciences (4 Credits)

Genetic manipulation, abortion, euthanasia, behavior modification, the practice of behavior control upon groups, and other ethical issues are considered from the scientific and moral points of view.

GPHN 230 Business Ethics (3 Credits)

Students will examine the ethical issues that arise in the context of business. The relevance of ethical theory to such issues as consumer rights and truth in advertising will be studied. Obligations to shareholders and negotiating strategies are discussed. Note: Credit will not be given for both GPHN 230 and GBMN 317.

GPHN 233 Biomedical Ethics (3 Credits)

An examination of ethical issues that arise in the context of medicine. The relevance of ethical theory to such issues as abortion, euthanasia, the allocation of medical resources and research on patients is discussed.

GPHN 240 Values & Ethics in Human Services (3 Credits)

This course surveys and analyzes the explicit and implicit values and ethical issues in the field of human services. Major theoretical perspectives are presented drawing on thinkers form the disciplines of science, philosophy, psychology, sociology and cultural analysis. A comparative analysis of ethical issues and practices in different cultures and societies are reviewed. The political and economic sources of values are considered along with how values and ethics affect the development of social rules and behavior. An examination of critical value issues at the national, city and organizational level are discussed.