NEW Flex Option!

You can now take the Psychology BA completely online (mix of synchronous and asynchronous), in traditional on-campus classes at any of our locations, or a mix of the two. Whatever works best for you that semester!

Majoring in psychology will provide you with a broad-based education in psychological theory and practice, and prepare you to enter a variety of advanced academic or professional fields. 

As a psychology major, you will develop in-depth analytical thinking and writing skills, sound scientific methodology, and the capacity for ethical and unbiased data analysis.

Careers in Psychology

A BA in Psychology gives students a better understanding of people and behaviors and can pave the way to enter graduate programs in psychology or in other related fields such as guidance counseling, social work, medicine or law.

Psychology majors graduate prepared to enter human services organizations in a support role. With advanced training, students can one day enter careers as school counselors, forensic psychologists, and research or organizational psychologists.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in the field of psychology are expected to grow 12% by 2018. School psychology, industrial psychology, and organizational psychology are expected to be particularly popular. In the near future, hospitals, schools, social service agencies, and substance abuse treatment centers will have more job openings requiring psychology degrees.

The Behavioral Science Pathway Program

Are you thinking of pursuing an MS degree in either Clinical Mental Health Counseling, I-O Psychology, or Applied Behavior Analysis? If you’d like to try out the program before completing your undergraduate degree and get a jump start on your elective graduate coursework the Behavioral Science Pathway program is a great opportunity. By participating in this program, you can reduce your course load in graduate school, and in some cases earn your MS degree faster. Through this program, you will enroll as a Master of Science student in the School of Health Sciences (SHS) of Touro University. To learn more about the Pathway program and see if it will help your academic journey, visit our Behavioral Science Pathway Program page.