GBMN 101 Principles of Management (3 Credits)

An introduction to the basic theory and practice of management. Examination of the managerial functions of planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling, and analysis of environmental influences on decision-making. Students will use micro-computer programs for business applications.

GBMN 202 Organizational Theory and Behavior (3 Credits)

An examination of theories, concepts, and research findings emerging from the various disciplines that study individual and group behavior within organizational systems. Important topics include: work motivation, leadership and social influence, satisfaction, job performance, performance appraisal, group dynamics, communication, and current issues of particular interest.

Prerequisite: GBMN 101

GBMN 213 Business Law I (3 Credits)

Fundamental principles of law of contracts, contracts of guaranty and surety-ship, and the law of sales and secured transactions under the Uniform Commercial Code; the relationship of principal and agent and that of employer and employee; personal property, and bankruptcy.

Prerequisite: GBMN 101

GBMN 214 Business Law II (3 Credits)

Organizational structure of business entitles, such as partnerships, joint ventures and corporation, and the functions and operation of each of these business entities, including government regulation of the employment relationship. Creditor and debtor's rights are examined and analyzed from both a theoretical and practical viewpoint. This includes focus on the laws of surety ship, secured transactions under Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code, the law of Commercial Paper under Article 3 and 4 of the Uniform Commercial Code and the law of Bankruptcy and the Bankruptcy Code.

Prerequisite: GBMN 213

GBMN 224 Human Resource Management (3 Credits)

Management and development of personnel, recruitment, selection, and training of employees. Management techniques and productivity factors including fringe benefits, profit-sharing, employee management-labor relations; current theories of human resources

Prerequisite: GBMN 101

GBMN 310 Multinational Business Management (3 Credits)

Detailed examination of the economic, cultural, political, and legal environment of multinational business, beginning with a historical review of the growth of international business and the development of institutions such as the IMF, World Bank, and the WTO. Particular emphasis is placed on the role of the European Union and emerging markets. The strategy and structure, and the financial environment, of international business and the mechanisms through which international capital markets operate are discussed. The final phase of the course deals with international business functions, including international marketing, human resources, accounting, and finance.

Prerequisite: GBMN 101 and GBKN 101

GBMN 317 The Social and Governmental Environment of Business (3 Credits)

A study of the environment of business decision-making. Issues are examined in the context of interrelated legal, social, ethical, and political trends affecting business, as well as from the Jewish perspective on business ethics. Deals with governmental regulation in the areas of occupational health and safety, environmental and consumer protection, and anti-trust activity. Note: Credit will not be given for both GBMN 317 and GPHN 230.

Prerequisite: GBMN 101 and either GBEN 101 or GBEN 102

GBMN 320 Entrepreneurship and Management of Small Businesses (3 Credits)

Emphasizes entrepreneurship and successful small business management. Includes legal forms of ownership, franchises, commercial and governmental sponsors, starting or buying a small business, developing and writing a business plan, strategic planning, accounting, and financial considerations. Also covers purchasing and vendor analysis, production and inventory control, risk and insurance planning, human resource management, and marketing and sales. Includes using the computer, and advanced technologies to gain a competitive edge. Special focus on international opportunities for small business.

Prerequisite: GBMN 101

GBMN 400 Topics in Management (1-4 Credits)

Study of selected topics in Management.

Prerequisite: GBEN 101

GBMN 420 Internet Research Methods for Business (3 Credits)

The foundations of Internet research. A basic understanding of research will be emphasized followed by a detailed description and comparison of many research mechanisms available over the Internet. Topics such as the differences between search engines, online library-based research, and methods of research will be analyzed.

Prerequisite: GBFN 101, GBMN 101, and GCON 120

GBMN 422 Management of Human Service Agencies (3 Credits)

An examination of the structure and function of human service organizations. Issues addressed include: power and authority, leadership, communications, decision making, organizational roles, stress and burnout, resource allocation, staff-client and board-staff relationships, organization linkages and environments, and organization.

Prerequisite: GBMN 101

GBMN 481 Independent Study in Management (3 Credits)

Students investigate selected topics in the major areas under the direction of a faculty advisor. Independent study develops and demonstrates ability to conduct independent research, perform independent studies in a specialized area, and present the results in writing of professional quality.

Prerequisite: Permission of the department Chair

GBMN 493 Business Policy (3 Credits)

An integrated capstone course focusing on application of case studies to the nature, functions and activities of actual businesses, analyzing objectives, policies, and performance in relation to the outside environment. Emphasis is placed on ethical aspects of decision-making. Case studies are used to develop analytical skills. Knowledge and techniques developed in earlier courses are applied in this course.

Prerequisite: Senior standing

GBMN 498 Internship in Management (3 Credits)

Seniors may register for academic credit for field experience with business or government agencies in the greater New York area, under the supervision of a faculty member.

Prerequisite: Senior status, a GPA of 2.5 in the major, departmental permission