GBKN 101 Principles of Marketing (3 Credits)

A study of basic marketing theory and practice. Major topics include analysis of consumer market structure versus industrial market system; product planning; channels of distribution; pricing; promotion; and relevant government regulation.

GBKN 201 Consumer Behavior (3 Credits)

Examines marketing from the point of view of various behavioral science concepts, relevant consumer research, and practical marketing applications. Also examines motivation, personality, perception learning, attitude formation, and the importance of group dynamics, social class and culture on behavior in the marketplace.

Prerequisite: GBKN 101

GBKN 202 Marketing Research (3 Credits)

Explores the scope, history and ethics of Marketing Research. Particular attention is given to methods of research design, the use of secondary data from marketing decisions, and the distinction between qualitative and quantitative techniques. Students are introduced to techniques of questionnaire design as well as basic statistics for the social sciences. Where appropriate, dedicated software for marketing research, especially SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences) is utilized.

Prerequisite: GBKN 101. Co-requisite: GSMN 261

GBKN 204 Marketing Management (3 Credits)

This course helps students conceptualize the strategic planning process as it relates to the primary determinants of sales and profits. Students also develop an in-depth understanding of the business and ethical problems marketing managers face in a global marketing environment, and explore various solutions to these problems.

Prerequisite: GBKN 101

GBKN 310 Retail Management and Merchandising (3 Credits)

Examines the scope, status, and dynamics of retailing in the United States and global economy. Main topics include retail market structures, retail market strategy, planning merchandise assortments, buying, pricing, and retail promotions. This course is designed for students interested in careers in retailing, retail management and merchandise buying; it is also useful to students interested in consumer products marketing and wholesaling.

Prerequisite: GBKN 202

GBKN 315 Advertising of Promotion Management (3 Credits)

Explores advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, sponsorship, direct marketing, e-commerce, and public relations. With three business plans as a foundation, students produce a campaign plan book integrating the concepts explored.

Prerequisite: GBKN 101

GBKN 330 Sales Force Management and Personal Selling (3 Credits)

Provides an overview on the role of personal selling in the firm's overall marketing strategy, the skills and techniques required in performing the selling task; as well as concepts and techniques related to the management of sales force. Emphasis will be placed on recruiting and selecting techniques, designing compensation and expense plans, sales training, improving morale, territory management, evaluating sales performance, sales forecasting and sales analysis. Ethical and legal issues in selling and building long term relationships are included.

Prerequisite: GBKN 101

GBKN 340 International Marketing Management (3 Credits)

Designed to develop a systematic approach for analyzing trends shaping the global marketplace. Physical, cultural, socio-demographic, legal/political, and technological factors, among others, are explored. Emphasis is placed on development and implementation of optimal marketing programs to capitalize on emerging market opportunities as well as the avoidance of the pitfalls inherent in cross-national marketing activities.

Prerequisite: GBKN 101

GBKN 351 Direct Marketing (3 Credits)

Topics include: strategic planning, basic economic analysis, new product/ business development, direct marketing information systems, short-term budgeting and forecasting, and management of direct marketing operations.

Prerequisite: GBKN 101

GBKN 400 Topics in Marketing (1-3 Credits)

In-depth focus on a marketing topic of current interest. Possible topics include marketing for service and nonprofit organizations, new product development or direct marketing. May be repeated for credit.

GBKN 408 Strategic Marketing Management (3 Credits)

An in-depth exploration of strategic marketing such as target marketing, product development, pricing and competitive activity, developed and implemented in a realistic computer-based simulation, within the broader framework of business strategy.

Prerequisite: GBKN 202 and senior standing

GBKN 410 Business to Business Marketing (3 Credits)

A managerial approach to marketing decision-making in an industrial market. Topics include relationship building, vendor and value analysis, inventory control, sales forecasting, industrial market planning, market auditing, sales-force planning and channel management.

Prerequisite: GBKN 101

GBKN 481 Independent Study in Marketing (3 Credits)

Students investigate selected topics in the major areas under the direction of a faculty advisor. Independent study develops and demonstrates ability to conduct independent research, perform independent studies in a specialized area, and present the results in writing of professional quality.

Prerequisite: Permission of the Chair

GBKN 498 Internship in Marketing (3 Credits)

Full-time, off-campus employment for seniors guided by outside personnel and the Business Chair.

Prerequisite: Senior status, departmental GPA of 2.5 and departmental approval