Ian Probstein, Ph.D.

Ian Probstein
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    NYSCAS - New York School of Career and Applied Studies
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    Languages and Literature
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Dr. Ian Probstein, full professor of English at Touro College, is a bilingual Russian-American poet, scholar, and translator of poetry. He has published two books of literary criticism, twelve books of poetry in Russian, one in English, translated more than a dozen poetry volumes; and has compiled and edited more than thirty books and anthologies of poetry in translation and about 500 publications.

His essays, poems in English and translations of poetry into English have been published in Atlanta Review, The International Literary Quarterly, Brooklyn Rail: In Translation, Jacket-2, Four Centuries of Russian Poetry in Translation, Ugly Duckling Presse, and International Poetry Review, Salonika, Spring, a journal of E.E. Cummings Society, Calliope, CrazyHorse, Rhino, Sibilla, The Epoch Times, The McNeese Review, Metamorphosis, and some others as well as in An Anthology of Jewish-Russian Literature, 1801-2001: Two Centuries of a Dual Identity, 2 vols. Maxim D. Shrayer, editor. Armonk, NY: M E Sharpe, 2007, vol.2., and in the book Vita Nuova (Philadelphia: R.E. M. Press, 1992).

His most recent book in English is The River of Time: Time-Space, Language and History in Avant-Garde, Modernist, and Contemporary Poetry. Boston: Academic Studies Press, 2017, http://www.academicstudiespress.com/browse-catalog/the-river-of-time and in Russian, Complete annotated edition of T. S. Eliot’s Poetry and Plays (1120 pp. St. Petersburg: Azbuka–antiqua, 2019 (4000 copies; long-listed for the Russian Guild of Translators Master Award, 2019), Charles Bernstein. Sign Under Test: Selected Poems and Essays. Moscow: Russian Gulliver-Center of Contemporary Literature, 2020