Arjun Mahat, MS

Adjunct Faculty

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  • Campus:
    NYSCAS - New York School of Career and Applied Studies
  • Department:
    Computer Science

Arjun Mahat has over 25 years of IT expertise ranging from managing & designing networks, tech support, web design using HTML/ CSS, and other applications, and superb communication skills. Arjun Mahat also has a strong understanding of complex technical knowledge ranging from advanced knowledge of diverse operating systems in addition to Windows, internet protocols, and knowledge of HTML and C. Professor Mahat is knowledgeable in the hardware needed to run both a wide area and local area networks. He has refined his skills with his experience by serving as the Computer Support Tech Borough Supervisor at Touro University for the past 13 years where he provides tech support to the faculty and students, maintains AV equipment, and helps maintain and run the networks of Touro University so that the College’s network runs smoothly. Aside from his IT experience, he also has over 35 years of teaching experience. He also taught mathematics in Nepal prior to coming to the USA.