Preparing for a Career in Dentistry

July 19, 2022

After earning a bachelor’s degree in humanities in Arizona, Frida Fuzailova headed next to Touro’s New York School of Career and Applied Studies (NYSCAS).

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PreMed Student at Touro’s NYSCAS Receives Dean’s Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement

June 14, 2022

Shortly after enrolling in Touro’s New York School of Career and Applied Studies (NYSCAS), 20-year-old Eli Redlich realized he had a passion for science and a drive to pursue a future career in medicine.

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Future Educator Advocates for Students in Need

June 13, 2022

Becoming a public-school teacher wasn’t always Kelli McDermott’s dream job. But when Kelli, a NYSCAS student and Staten Island native was offered a job as a paraprofessional at a Brooklyn junior high school, she fell in love with her new role and quickly realized that teaching was the career path she was going to pursue. We recently caught up with McDermott, who shared why she’s passionate about the education field, explains the many benefits of Touro’s Honors Teacher Preparation Pathway, a joint program between NYSCAS and Touro’s Graduate School of Education (GSE), which will enable her to earn a bachelor’s and master's degree in education as well as prepare for NYSED Certification in only five years, and offers advice for other students dreaming of becoming educators of the future.

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Touro College NYSCAS Celebrates 48th Annual Commencement

June 10, 2022

New York School of Career and Applied Studies (NYSCAS), a division of Touro University, held its 48th annual commencement ceremony on Thursday, June 9th at 6:00 p.m. at The Amphitheater at Coney Island.

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Full Circle: NYSCAS Alum Gives Back with Job at NYC Housing Authority

June 07, 2022

If you thought pursuing an undergraduate degree at Touro’s New York School of Career and Applied Studies (NYSCAS) was a challenge, now imagine simultaneously serving as the primary caregiver for a chronically ill family member while balancing the daunting requirements of several jobs.

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A Successful Property Manager Returns to the Classroom

March 28, 2022

Ever wonder what it takes to be a successful commercial and residential property manager? We recently spoke with Project Manager Andre Gibbs, a current NYSCAS student pursuing his bachelor’s degree in psychology, with an expected graduation date of May ’22. Hear from Gibbs on his dream job, why he decided to head back to the Touro classroom after working in this field for two decades and how his mother inspired him to continue to push forward on his educational journey.

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Single Mother of Four Credits NYSCAS for Nursing Career

March 07, 2022

While there are almost four times as many nurses in the U.S. as there are physicians, a career in the nursing field is not for the faint of heart. This critical role requires compassion, empathy, dedication, many hours spent on your feet, and a love for helping people, says New York School of Career and Applied Studies (NYSCAS) alum Anya Khaimova. Khaimova, a ‘17 Summa Cum Laude grad who pursued her bachelor’s degree in biology at Touro, shares her passion for the field, how Touro staff and faculty helped her overcome challenges while she balanced student and family responsibilities, and what a day in her life as a staff nurse at New York City’s Jacobi Medical Center is really like.

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Alumni Spotlight: Connecting Celebrities with Brands and Sponsors

February 17, 2022

Eli Lunzer, a 2002 Touro grad who majored in marketing and management, is a sports and entertainment marketing agent and founder of Eli Lunzer Productions. An observant Jewish Manhattanite in his early 40s, Lunzer manages talent, connects celebrities and pro athletes with brands and sponsors and produces top-tier events. Despite his unusual career choice for an Orthodox Jew, Lunzer is deeply committed to his observance of Shabbat, Kashrut and Jewish holidays. Here, he talks about his career choice, personal passion and the keys to his success.

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New Touro Course Builds Vital Financial Skills

January 19, 2022

How do you file your taxes? How do you create a budget and plan for a possible emergency? These are questions that virtually everyone has to face at some point in their life; yet, when confronted with these issues, few feel prepared to face them.

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From Hair Stylist to Radiographic Technologist

December 24, 2021

We recently spoke with Alexandra Giannotta, a Touro New York School of Career and Applied Studies (NYSCAS) student pursuing her Associate of Applied Science degree in Radiographic Technology. Expecting to graduate in June ‘22, Giannotta explains why she made the scary but exciting decision to leave her job in the beauty industry to embark on a new journey in the medical field.

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