Touro University NYSCAS Celebrates Achievements of Nearly 700 Graduates at 50th Annual Commencement Ceremony

June 10, 2024

New York School of Career and Applied Studies (NYSCAS), a division of Touro University, held its fiftieth annual commencement ceremony on Wednesday, June 5th at 6:00 pm at the Coney Island Amphitheatre in Brooklyn, New York. Thousands of friends and family members gathered for the lively ceremony celebrating nearly 700 graduates --360 receiving baccalaureate degrees, 300 receiving associate degrees, and nearly 30 graduates receiving certificates.

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Helping Neurodivergent Children Learn More Effectively

May 31, 2024

Touro New York School of Career & Applied Studies (NYSCAS) alum Casey Winderbaum always knew that she loved working with special education students and helping neurodivergent children learn in a variety of ways After working in the special education field for a few years at different charter schools, Winderbaum observed that children facing learning challenges can make major strides in less time with consistent one- on- one tutoring. That realization led her to launch Casey’s Special Education Services, LLC, to make a positive impact in the lives of children.

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Advocating for Underserved Latino Communities

May 30, 2024

While New York School of Career and Applied Studies (NYSCAS) student Yaret Ruiz was born in the U.S., her father moved back to Mexico when she was just a toddler. To keep their family unit intact, her parents made the decision to return to their native country despite a lack of economic opportunities. Ruiz then returned to the U.S. as a pre-teen to live with her sister so she could have access to a better education system. Knowing little English, it was an uncomfortable learning experience compounded by bullying and feelings of loneliness. Now, she aims to help bilingual students in underserved communities who need an advocate to gain access to essential services, something she wishes she had as a child.

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Therapist Erica Hunt Credits NYSCAS for Setting Her Up for Career Success

January 23, 2024

Erica Hunt, a ‘19 Touro University New York School of Career and Applied Studies (NYSCAS) alum, was the first person in her family to pursue her bachelor’s degree. As she navigated uncharted territory, she continued to push forward because she knew that earning her degree would enable her to have a professional career. Today, Hunt is proud to be a therapist who is making a positive impact on the lives of her clients through her work at one of New York City’s oldest and largest child welfare agencies, New York Foundling.

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Five Ways to Establish Good Credit

September 15, 2023

Surely, you’ve heard that to establish good credit you need a credit card, only to be told that you can’t have a credit card till you establish good credit. Huh? Sort of like you can’t get a job without experience, but you can’t get experience till you get a job. These conundrums are known as a catch-22 and though they may seem to be an unworkable problem, there are ways around it. Read on to find out the how and why of establishing good credit.

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NYSCAS Alum Overcomes Adversity and Empowers Vulnerable Adolescents

September 13, 2023

Touro University New York School of Career and Applied Studies (NYSCAS) alum Kinder Bradley has faced many significant obstacles in her life. Pregnant and alone at just 17 years old, she and her newborn baby found themselves homeless, seeking refuge in a subway car at night. Fortunately, she found support at Covenant House, a homeless youth services provider in NYC, where she was able to regain some stability. Despite being repeatedly told that she would never achieve her goals, Bradley persevered through the New York City shelter system and secured a job before reaching her 20s.

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Touro Alum Lands Dream Job at the NBA

July 28, 2023

New York School of Career and Applied Studies (NYSCAS) alum Jade Daniels jokes that he needs to pinch himself every day when he gets to work. “I work at the NBA as a Senior Product Manager. The NBA is my dream job because, as a kid, I dreamt about playing in the league,” he said. “And sometimes, I still pinch myself like, hey, this is what I wake up to do. Friends still look at me now, and they're like, oh my God, Jade, you work for the NBA.”

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Touro University NYSCAS Celebrates 49th Annual Commencement

June 19, 2023

More than 700 students celebrated graduation from New York School of Career and Applied Studies (NYSCAS), a division of Touro University, this week. The school’s 49th annual commencement ceremony was held on Thursday, June 15 at The Amphitheater at Coney Island.

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Touro Tornadoes Cap Off a Stellar Season with a Championship Win

May 09, 2023

Congrats to Touro’s New York School of Career & Applied Studies (NYSCAS) students' basketball team, Touro Tornadoes, who recently ended their season on a high note, with the team achieving several significant accomplishments! The Tornadoes secured victories over several challenging Division III competitors, such as Queens College, Baruch College, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, and Bronx Community College. Notably, the team dominated Bronx Community College by a staggering fifty points!

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Milan to New York: NYSCAS Alumna Relocates and Jumpstarts Her Career

April 18, 2023

Guendalina Almici left everything behind—the country she was born and raised in and her family and friends—to pursue her dream of moving to the Big Apple. It was during her first visit to see a friend that she fell in love with the city and promised herself that she would return there one day to live. Over the next few years, Almici worked as both a nanny and a paralegal but was still in search of a career that she felt passionate about. Determined to finally fulfill her dream of living in New York City, she enrolled at Touro University’s New York School of Careers and Applied Studies (NYSCAS) in 2012, and completed a bachelor’s degree in psychology. It was at Touro that she quickly realized what she was meant to do—become a social worker and help people in need.

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