Touro University NYSCAS Celebrates Achievements of Nearly 700 Graduates at 50th Annual Commencement Ceremony

Journalist, Social Media Influencer and Class of ’24 Graduate Emily Austin Delivers Keynote Address

June 10, 2024
Emily Austin
Journalist, social media influencer, and class of ’24 Graduate Emily Austin Delivers Keynote Address at NYSCAS 50th Annual Commencement Ceremony.

Special awards were also presented to stellar students including the Dean’s Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement, and awards for Excellence in Biology, Psychology, Digital Multimedia Design, Marketing, Accounting, Finance, Education, Business Management and more.

“Graduates, as you embark on this new chapter in your life armed with the knowledge and skills gained at Touro NYSCAS, remember that education is a lifelong journey. Embrace continuous learning and skill development, as they’re the foundations of personal and professional growth. Today, as you officially join the NYSCAS alumni community, know that your opportunities are boundless,” said Dr. Judah Weinberger, Dean of NYSCAS.

Journalist and Social Media Influencer Emily Austin Serves as Keynote Speaker

Emily Austin, a journalist, social media influencer, model, actress, independent NBA broadcaster, entrepreneur, and a NYSCAS class of ’24 student, served as keynote speaker during the commencement ceremony.

“There were times where I was rejected from opportunities that I thought I well deserved, and there were times where people would dwell on my age and gender over my talent. But with hard work and persistence I realized that although I didn’t have the right door open for me, I could decide to build the door myself and then I walked through it! The road ahead may be uncertain, the challenges daunting, but let us remember that we all are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and resilience to navigate the twists and turns that lie ahead,” said Austin in her keynote speech.

She shared that she chose to transfer to Touro NYSCAS because of its flexible schedule and credits her professors for always being accessible and responsive when she needed their guidance, as well as for helping her to figure out ways to follow both her professional dreams of being a broadcast journalist and to excel academically.

“As many of us will now move ahead on our chosen career paths, we must always carry with us the values of integrity, humility, and a commitment to excellence. Let us strive not only for personal success but also for the betterment of society and the world at large. Let us serve as beacons of hope, catalysts for change, and champions of justice and equality,” said Austin.

Two High Achieving Valedictorians Head for Careers in Dentistry and Law

Beginning college at only seventeen-years old, NYSCAS Valedictorian Issac Musoev has always dreamed of becoming a dentist and will soon head to Touro College of Dental Medicine.

“As I stand before you today, I can’t help but recall the countless late nights drilling organic chemistry concepts into my brain, all the time spent memorizing the names of the muscles and bones found in the human body, and the moments of doubt during my preparation for the Dental Admissions Test. During my time as a NYSCAS student, I've come to realize that both effort and success go hand in hand as I've seen how hard work fuels growth and dedication shapes our skills. I urge you, my fellow graduates, to embrace the challenges ahead, to push through the moments of doubt, and to never underestimate the power of perseverance. Our daily efforts shape our future, so embrace challenges with determination and commitment, knowing that this is the way to achieve real and lasting change,” said Museov.

Since moving from the Virgin Islands 15 years ago, Ligia Elena Cruz Bristol raised three daughters while working at a law firm. She discovered Touro’s Paralegal Studies program, realizing that receiving her degree would enable her to gain the key skills necessary to advance her career in the legal field. Bristol has always been passionate about helping others and hopes to one day open her own business, where she can advocate for Social Security applicants.

“In this great celebratory moment, I stand before you as a proud Afro-Latina, a mother, wife, sister, and daughter. To grace this stage as a NYSCAS valedictorian is a full circle moment and an honor for me.  Working in a law office for the last few years has given me a sense of purpose and I’m excited to use the real-world professional skills and knowledge I have acquired from many of my classes and professors at Touro and apply those concepts to my future work,” said Bristol.