Academic Assistance: Tutoring Services

Tutoring services are free to Touro students, and appointments can be made at any Touro campus. Our statistics show that those who avail themselves of tutoring services are more likely to get higher grades, so why not take advantage of this free opportunity.

Receiving academic assistance through tutoring will not affect your financial aid, nor will it be entered in your academic record. It is at your discretion that you disclose you are receiving academic assistance to your professor. 

Free individual- and small-group tutoring services are available at all sites of Touro College for students who need support in classroom instruction. These services can provide academic assistance in English, ESL, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Math, Calculus, Accounting, Computer Science, Psychology, Statistics, and other academic areas upon request.

When to seek academic assistance:

  • When you feel you need deeper understanding of the subject
  • When you want feedback on your work
  • If your instructor suggests that you need assistance
  • If you have questions about your class work
  • If you need help with a homework assignment
  • If you need help writing your papers
  • If your need to improve your test scores
  • If you need help understanding concepts in any academic area

How to request academic assistance:

  • For Manhattan, call (212) 463-0400, ext. 55572
  • For Brooklyn, call (718) 885-8535 or (718) 885-8534
  • Speak to your instructor
  • Contact the Resource Center Coordinator at your site
  • Speak to your academic advisor
  • Speak to your site coordinator
  • Speak to tutoring associates at your site

We offer tutoring at all locations, no matter where you are registered..

What to expect

You may receive academic assistance for each course in which you are enrolled. Come to the tutoring session with any questions so that you can review concepts to help you complete assignments and prepare for exams. Our staff are faculty members, graduate students, and your peers - all of whom excel in their subject area. However, they cannot complete your homework assignments for you, or write your papers.

English/College Writing tutoring and learning associates can brainstorm with you to help you develop your topics and assignments for your APA or MLA papers. They can assist you in organizing your paper, point out errors that should be fixed, explain faulty grammar, and guide you on where you can improve your paper to achieve a better grade. Additionally, they can help ESL students. Online Tutoring and drop-in help is also available for writing assignments.

For each session you’ll need to sign in, recording the date, time in and out. Remember to bring your textbook, exams, and assignments to the learning session.

Notify the tutoring and learning associate if you cannot keep your appointment by contacting him or her or by calling the Resource Center coordinator at your site. Students who fail to give a 24-hour notice - in case they should miss an appointment - will be dropped from the tutoring and learning associate’s roster. If you are not satisfied with your tutoring and learning associate, request a change. Don't wait until the end of the semester.

Student Testimonials

“My math tutor is amazing to her students and takes her time with a lot of patience… one of a kind! She knows her math very well and she was extremely patient with me.” 

“Really professional, knowledgeable, intelligent and patient! She explains things clearly and efficiently. I would not pass statistics without her. Five stars is not enough!!”

“My math tutor helped me understand a lot of information, and I was able to pass the exam with an A. This past semester I was able to get an A- in statistics on my own, and it felt amazing…but it’s really all due to the fundamentals he taught me! So I thank him!”

“I was hoping to pass statistics, but because of you, I not only passed, but achieved an A! I will never forget your kindness.”

“She has a lot of knowledge and explains the material very easily. [She] has the answers to all my questions.”

“She is attentive and insightful to her students’ capabilities.”

“Thanks to … my tutor’s extensive knowledge, patience and kindness, I was able to receive an A-, and move forward with continuing my education.”

“He took the time to draw a diagram and write out the meanings in shorter verse. He made it understandable on my level.”

“I am thanking my computer tutor for the ability he has to make hard things easier and understandable.” Very knowledgeable and efficient! He knows what the student needs.

“He listens to what I have to say and then explains everything so I can understand it.”

“Every day he gives part of himself to each of his students.”

“He helped me put my writing in order. He explained everything clearly and gave me many examples.”

“Excellent, 5 Stars! Great teacher, very patient, very helpful!”

I would like to thank our English online tutor for great help he provided. I had all my papers checked and I received excellent grades. It also helped me improve my grammar and punctuation.

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