Tutoring is free to Touro students and you can meet with tutors at any Touro campus. Those who receive tutoring are more likely to get higher grades, so take advantage of this opportunity.

Free individual- and small-group tutoring is available for Touro College students who need academic assistance to support classroom instruction. Tutors are available at all sites. Tutoring is available for English, ESL, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Math, Accounting, Computer Science, and other academic areas upon request.

When to get a tutor

  • When you feel you need academic assistance
  • When you want feedback on your ideas
  • If your instructor suggests that you need assistance
  • If you have questions about your class work
  • If you need help with a homework assignment
  • If you need help writing your papers
  • If your test scores are poor
  • If you need help understanding concepts in any academic area

How to request a tutor

  • Contact Leyla Rexha at (718) 885-8535 to make an appointment
  • Speak to your instructor
  • Contact the Resource Center Coordinator at your site
  • Speak to your academic advisor
  • Speak to your site coordinator
  • Speak to the tutor at your site

If you registered at one site, but find it more convenient to have tutoring at a different site, you can register for tutoring at a different location.

What to expect

You will have one hour of individua-l or small-group tutoring per week, for each course in which you are enrolled. Come with any questions you want to ask the tutor so you can review concepts to help you complete assignments and prepare for exams. The tutor cannot complete your homework assignments for you, or write your papers.

English/College Writing tutors can brainstorm with you to help you develop your topics and assignments, assist you in organizing your paper, point out errors that should be fixed, explain faulty grammar, and guide you on where you can improve your paper to achieve a better grade. Additionally, they can help ESL students. Online and drop-in help is also available for writing assignments.

You must bring your pink registration form to the first tutoring session. For each session you’ll need to sign in, recording the date, time in and out, and signing your name on the sign-in sheet. Remember to bring your textbook, exams, and assignments to the tutoring session.

Notify the tutor if you cannot keep your appointment. Call the tutor or call the Resource Center coordinator at your site. Students who fail to keep to appointments will be dropped from the tutor's roster. If you are not satisfied with your tutor, request a change. Don't wait until the end of the semester.