The Learning Resource Centers have software on their computers that can help you in your studies. 

McGraw-Hill Connect is an award-winning digital teaching and learning solution that empowers students to achieve better outcomes. 

The system is using an adaptive technology, which enables students to retain the concepts they know and identify the concepts they don’t know to create a learning experience that’s more productive and motivating. 

Within Connect, students have access to an adaptive learning and reading tool that personalizes content to each student’s unique needs. Because it creates the ideal study path for each student, every minute they spend studying is the most effective minute possible.  

The program highlights the key topics students should focus on, and supplies links to additional learning materials like slideshows, videos and more so they can enhance their understanding of key learning objectives.  

College Writing Programs 

ESL Programs

English Discoveries

English Discoveries is a multimedia ESL program where all elements of English language learning, grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, listening, and speaking are available. The program is divided into four levels:

  • First Discoveries
  • Basic
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Fish Trek

Fish Trek is an interactive computer program designed to help teach English article usage.