Academic Advisement & Counseling

Our academic advisors can help you plan—and meet—your short- and long-term goals for your education. 

Among our many offerings, perhaps the most important service we provide is simply making ourselves available to listen to all of our students so we can learn how to best support each one’s unique needs.


All of our services are free, confidential, and available to any NYSCAS student currently registered for credit or developmental courses. They include:

  • Understanding academic requirements
  • Course selection and registration
  • Exploring and choosing potential majors
  • Developing study skills (e.g. time management, note-taking, and memorization techniques)
  • Personal counseling and assistance
  • Referrals to external resources, including:
    • Social services and welfare agencies
    • Drug and alcohol counseling
    • Psychological counseling

We also offer assistance for students who are in poor academic standing or falling behind in their coursework, including:

  • Tutoring
  • Help with appeals to the Committee on Academic Standing

In addition to services, we can also provide students with literature on various topics.

Advisement is a shared responsibility between you and your advisor. You must be ready and willing to work together to ensure you get all you can out of your education. 

Not all services are available at every campus. We customize our offerings to meet the unique needs of the different populations at each NYSCAS campus.

To make an appointment in person, visit one of our locations. (Office hours may vary.) You can usually be seen within several days of first contact, but you may experience a longer wait for certain counselors/specialists.

You can also e-mail the advisement center at