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IMPORTANT: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak NYSCAS Career Services has moved to remote appointments and workshops exclusively until further notice. To make an appointment with your Career Counselor and/or sign up for a face-to-face Zoom workshop email and mention, “NYSCAS Student Appointment” in your subject line.

Our Career Services staff is dedicated to helping students define and work toward their career goals. 

In addition to helping you build your resume, our counselors can help you refine your career search and develop effective interview skills.

Maksim Paliyev

Maksim Paliyev

Director of Career Services
(718) 998-9409 ext.30108

Maksim Paliyev, better known as Max, graduated from Touro College in January 2003 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management and Administration with a concentration in Data Communications.

Max has been serving students past and present with career planning, interview and resume preparation, as well as internship placement and job searches. He strongly believes that determination and preparation are the keys to success, and he has helped hundreds of Touro graduates start their careers.

Each semester Max places over 100 students in internships in areas like computer science, desktop publishing, business management, accounting, finance, marketing, human services, and psychology. He works tirelessly to expand the continuously growing database of participating organizations. Max organizes numerous on-site company presentations to give students a better understanding of today’s job market while introducing them to potential employers.

Max developed the “World of Work” video workshop, which educates and prepares students for successful job searches by teaching them to create effective resumes, interview confidently, and negotiate salary. 

He is also developing an online workshop introducing students to the fundamentals of resume writing and providing helpful guides and examples.