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‌‌‌‌‌Midtown Campus

320 West 31st Street
New York, NY 10001

Arthur Wigfall's image  Arthur Wigfall Jr.
Director of Admissions
Phone:( 212) 463-0400 Ext.55665
Lita Cabezas  Lita Cabezas
Associate Director of International Students 
Phone:( 212) 463-0400 Ext.55644
admission‌  Fay Gordon
Senior Associate Director of Admissions
Phone:(212)463-0400 Ext.55123
  Vincent Polletta
Senior Admissions Counselor
Phone:( 212) 463-0400 Ext.55177
April Slappey's image

April Slappey
Admissions Document Manager
Phone:( 212) 463-0400 Ext.55306

Austin Rivera headshot

Austin Rivera
Admissions Counselor
Phone:( 212) 463-0400 Ext.55663


Avenue J - Flatbush Campus

1602 Ave J
Brooklyn, NY 11230

  Vladimir Shapiro
Director, Academic Support Services
Phone:(718) 252-7800 Ext.59229

Neptune Avenue Campus

360 Neptune Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11235

Richard Martinez 

Richard Martinez
Assistant Director of Admissions for the Neptune Avenue campus
Phone:(718) 885-8500 Ext.58503

Ass.director of Recruitment 

Belkis Moquete-Defex
Assistant Director of Recruiter
Phone:(718) 885-8500 Ext.58502



Kings Highway Campus

1726 Kings Highway
Brooklyn, NY 11229

 Erzumana Jukic

Erzumana Jukic
Admissions Counselor
Phone:(718) 336-6471 Ext.30112


Starrett City Campus

1344 Pennsylvania Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11239

Admissions Counselor Jessica Velez  Jessica Velez
Admissions Counselor
Phone:(718) 642-6562 Ext.31102

Forest Hills Campus

71-02 113 Street
Forest Hills, NY 11375

Violetta Borukhov, Admissions Counselor  Violetta Borukhov
Admissions Counselor
Phone:(718) 520-5107 Ext.23109