Touro Student and Father of Three Serves as Role Model to Fellow Players on the Touro Tornadoes

Paraprofessional by Day, Student and Basketball Player by Night, Travis Roberson Gives Back to His Community

December 24, 2021
Touro Tornadoes player and NYSCAS student Travis Roberson
Touro Tornadoes player and NYSCAS student Travis Roberson

While Roberson plays multiple positions on the team, his favorites are wing and guard. In addition to being a student and father of three, Roberson is also a full-time paraprofessional, working for the Department of Education at I.S 392 in Brooklyn’s District 23. He dreams of a future career as either a gym teacher or guidance counselor in a school district located in the hard-hit neighborhood he still calls home. Roberson takes pride in being a father figure who helps adolescents in the area by supporting them in their daily challenges, especially young men, many of whom are being raised in single-parent homes just like he was.

“I’m a very spiritual person who believes things happen for a reason. I received an email from Touro about upcoming tryouts for the Tornadoes and figured that since I love the sport and miss attending in-person classes due to COVID, it wouldn’t hurt to try out so I can have some social interaction with others. Once I arrived, the other players and coaching staff immediately made me comfortable, supported, and at ease. They were incredibly welcoming, and I love being able to play the role of a big brother to the other players who are much younger than myself, leading by example and providing them with key guidance both on and off the court,” said Roberson. “The Tornadoes are hungry and willing to work hard to win, and we have this incredible camaraderie that is built upon mutual love and respect for one another.  We all push each other to be better every day and I see great things happening for our team and the Touro athletic program overall moving forward.”

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