NYSCAS Nursing Students Volunteer at Touro COVID-19 Vaccination Site

Enthusiastic Future Nurses Gain Practical Experience by Guiding and Monitoring Patients

June 14, 2021
Five nursing students in scrubs stand with a female faculty member
Five nursing students from NYSCAS helped vaccinate the Touro community.

The inaugural class of associate degree nursing students at NYSCAS enthusiastically answered the call to volunteer at one of Touro’s vaccination sites. Five students from the class were chosen. To prepare for the day, the students completed an online certificate from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The volunteers were assigned different tasks including checking paperwork, assisting with stocking supplies for the vaccinators, guiding people through the process, and observing them after the vaccination.

“The response to our call to volunteer was overwhelming,” said Dr. Patricia Burke, the director of the undergraduate nursing program at NYSCAS. “The initial call was for two student volunteers, and out of a class of 32, five were chosen. These students made us ‘Touro Proud’ for their professionalism and dedicated service to the community.”

Anthony Pavella, a first-year student at NYSCAS, was one of the volunteers at the Touro College of Pharmacy. “It was an amazing experience to work side by side with Dr. Burke, who is the director of our program, and watch her vaccinate some of the people. At first, we had to register and identify each person correctly. After they received their vaccine, they were seated for 15 minutes, so that we could observe them in case they had any adverse effects. Then, they went about their day. Some people were nervous, but with the support of the NYSCAS nursing students, everyone received their vaccine.”

Pavella has worked in healthcare administration for over seven years and began his education at NYSCAS in the fall of 2020. “It has been a great experience so far,” he said. “The faculty are so dedicated. They truly love to mentor their students and help them strive for their best.”

Marini Jongoy, another NYSCAS student enrolled in the school’s associate degree in nursing program, is currently working as a certified medical assistant. “I was in charge of monitoring people for adverse effects after the vaccination was administered. I really enjoyed it and I learned a lot from this experience. I am definitely planning on volunteering again when people return for their second dose of the vaccine.”