New Touro Course Builds Vital Financial Skills

Personal Finance Course Taught at NYSCAS by Prof. Angelo DeCandia Shapes Students’ Financial Literacy

January 19, 2022
Professor Angelo DeCandia, MBA
Since 2021, Professor Angelo DeCandia has been teaching the Personal Finance course at Touro College's NYSCAS

According to a study conducted by George Washington University, only 24% of millennials have basic financial literacy. Nearly 48% of the survey respondents admitted that, if they found themselves in an emergency that required them to pay $2,000 upfront, they would not be able to come up with the funds.

That is why several colleges across the United States are starting to offer personal financing courses. Touro College’s New York School for Career and Applies Studies (NYSCAS) is at the forefront of this movement: Starting in 2021, the school’s finance department has been offering a three-credit course titled “Personal Finance,” which is taught by Professor Angelo DeCandia, MBA.

“The Department Chair Sabra Brock and I both agreed that the driving force behind the creation of this course was the desire of students to learn the practical, everyday aspects of finance in addition to the job-oriented skills which are usually taught,” said Prof. DeCandia.

In addition to providing students with a valuable professional skillset, the course is also designed to enrich students on a personal level. The course syllabus takes an in-depth look at the many issues that arise in financial decision-making related to our day-to-day lives. The topics discussed in the course include banking, tax planning, loans, budgeting, and insurance.

David Mieli, a NYSCAS student majoring in business management and administration with a concentration in finance, took the course this past semester. In addition to his major, David is also working on completing the prerequisite courses to apply to dental school.

“Professor DeCandia’s course has helped me gain an understanding of financial topics that have both helped improve my current financial knowledge and has also helped me plan for my financial future,” said David. “As I will be taking a significant amount of student loans to pay for my graduate studies, this course has helped me understand the types of loans I should look for and how to set up a proper payment plan for the future.”

David added that he has enjoyed learning about the different factors that affect one’s credit score. “The course has taught me how to build a healthy credit,” he said.

While David is planning a career in dentistry, he believes the concepts he learned in the course can be helpful to anyone, no matter which career they choose to pursue.

Olesia Mateichenko, a sophomore at NYSCAS who also took the course in the fall, said this course was very helpful to her as a recent immigrant: “It’s an interesting and dense course,” she said. “In just one semester, I gained knowledge on personal finance management through examples from relevant sources, such as government websites and financial information providers. Professor DeCandia delivered the material in an accessible and easily digestible form. I highly recommend this course.”

Denishua Ramirez Gaviria, a senior student majoring in business management and administration, said that the course is essential for all students in today’s society.

“Now I feel more confident about discussing financial topics with my loved ones and providing them with insights that I learned in the course,” she said.

The personal finance course will be taught this spring semester by Prof. DeCandia on Sundays at 12:30 p.m.