"I Just Want to Keep Striving to Do My Best"

NYSCAS Welcomes Students at Spring 2019 Orientation on Its Newest Campus in Manhattan

January 28, 2019
Touro\'s New York School of Career and Applied Studies held two orientation sessions for new students on its newest campus on January 17.
Touro's New York School of Career and Applied Studies held two orientation sessions for new students on its newest campus on January 17.

Dean Judah Weinberger likened choosing a program of study to being a kid in a toy store, noting that students have plenty of choices to make about their education.  “No one’s telling you that you have to have your life figured out,” he told the students. “You’re all starting at a point. You want to get further than your parents; we want you to succeed.”

The new students gave a variety of reasons for why they chose NYSCAS. Several described Touro’s accepting and welcoming atmosphere, specifically commenting on how Touro accommodates people of different faiths and backgrounds. “I appreciate that Touro is a college that has a history of religious tradition,” one student said. “Even though it’s not my religion.”

Many new students commented on the accessibility of the campuses scattered throughout the city and the flexible scheduling options. Some students were drawn to specific programs. “I saw that it has an excellent psychology program,” one said. Others mentioned being interested in the business and education programs.

Several said they had had family members and friends graduate and attended based on their recommendations.

“My sister went here and had a great experience,” one student said. “Maybe it will become a family thing.”

“My mother studied early childhood education here,” another commented. “She’s a teacher now.”

One current student, a veteran of the United States Army who is originally from the Caribbean, said that his professors helped him through the challenges he faced.  “I’m 46 and the last time I sat in a classroom was when I was 17,” he said. “I didn’t know anything about education in the US and I was dealing with personal issues in my first semester at Touro. The counselors and faculty helped me get on the right path. Now, I’m about to graduate with a 3.79 GPA.”

“My son was going through a challenge,” said a paraprofessional with the Department of Education who is in her final semester at NYSCAS. “I told him, ‘If you go back to school, I’ll go back with you.’ I’m graduating this year.”

Many students expressed excitement about meeting new people, including fellow students and instructors, and exploring the setting and curricula.

“I’m looking forward to broadening my general education,” one said.

“It’s going to help a lot with my career success,” another noted.

Current students who were attending the orientation also described their aspirations for the semester. “I just want to keep striving to do my best,” a graduating student said. “The professors are all friendly and eager to work with you. They keep telling me, ‘You can do this.’”