"Although science may not always cure, humans can always heal"

NYSCAS Student Ronee Goldman Shares Her COVID-19 Experience

December 02, 2020
Ronee Goldman
Ronee Goldman

These past eight months have been absolutely wild, filled with challenging but rewarding experiences. When the pandemic began, I had been taking my classes at NYSCAS while pregnant. I have to admit that I felt quite relieved when the courses switched to the online format. In mid-March, I had to move out of my apartment, because my husband had tested positive for the coronavirus. I moved in with my mother. I was 9 months pregnant and I felt incredibly scared.

What was the experience of delivering your first baby during a pandemic like?

Due to the pandemic, nobody was allowed to come into the hospital with me and so I had to go in alone to deliver my first baby. That is certainly not how I had pictured to welcome my daughter into the world! The delivery was miraculous and terrifying. Due to the lack of knowledge about the virus, doctors told me to remain isolated from everyone with Tamar, my newborn baby girl, for about a week.

How did you balance your responsibilities as a new mother and as a student?

While this was happening, I managed to stay on top of my schoolwork and I only missed one class. My professors at NYSCAS were very understanding and helpful. Dr. Califano, Dr. Babayan, and Professor Ciraolo, three of my professors, were always available to answer my questions. I have so much appreciation for them and for Touro College for taking the coronavirus seriously and moving our classes online early on in the pandemic. I’ve been attending classes online from home so that I can achieve my dream of one day soon becoming a physician assistant. My husband is working from home as well, so our days are filled with Zoom classes, work meetings, and lots of playtime with our little girl!

Why do you want to become a physician assistant?

One semester before graduating from college, my father passed away from cancer. This tragedy made me appreciate life even more and see the world through a new lens; it led me to change career paths—instead of becoming a lawyer, I decided I wanted to become a physician assistant and returned to school to fulfill my requirements. I have come to learn that, although science may not always cure, humans can always heal. My ultimate dream is to make a difference by providing attentive care to my future patients.