Message from the Dean

As I begin my tenure as Dean of NYSCAS I would like to acknowledge the leadership of Eva Spinelli-Sexter.  She created a school where people from all backgrounds can work and learn together, and achieve lifelong dreams of entering productive careers. Her shoes will be hard to fill, but I am determined to work with all of you to strive for an excellent and prosperous future for NYSCAS.

Our goal, in this fine institution, is to educate our students and prepare them for the world so their lives will be enriched with the knowledge they acquire and the wisdom they will achieve and will have the skills necessary to move to the next step in their chosen career. It is an exciting time for NYSCAS. We are entering a new phase where health sciences will become an even more important component for our college. With my clinical background as a physician, medical educator, and scientist I hope to help NYSCAS achieve the recognition it deserves. And I know, together, we can accomplish many great feats. 

Our students, staff and faculty come from diverse populations of religion, culture and nationality. We take extreme pride in working and studying together side by side, exchanging ideas, debating topics and discussing the world. At NSYCAS, we share a common goal. That goal is success. When you enroll in our college, you become a part of our Touro College family. Our staff is here to guide you as you travel your academic pathway. Our professors are all knowledgeable and talented professionals who want to see you achieve your academic goals.

I have been charged with taking this school into a new realm. We are going to focus on enhancing our school to becoming even more adept at educating our students, creating an inclusive community, and becoming a higher education institution that is respected worldwide.

I look forward to my tenure at NYSCAS and working in a collegial atmosphere where our number one objective is to see our students succeed and become successful members of the work force and their communities. 


Dr. Judah Weinberger
Associate VP of Undergraduate Education, VP of Collaborative Medical