Learning Resources & Tutoring

Resource Centers offer students academic support. We can help with academic assignments and developing learning strategies for approaching your coursework. Tutoring services and the writing center are available, free of charge. 

Each semester, our staff provides a computer-based assignment to all NYSCAS English classes that is designed to help students hone their reading and writing skills. In addition, Resource Centers can provide audio and visual academic materials specific to the needs of individual students.

You can meet with a Resource Center coordinator one-on-one at various Touro locations.  

Contact Us:


Timothy Taylor
Associate Dean of Students
New York School of Career and Applied Studies
Touro College
320 West 31st Street
New York, NY 10001
(212) 463-0400 ext. 5513

Flatbush, Machon L'Parnassa, Neptune Avenue, TCC/DOV Revel, TCC/Kings Highway, and Starrett City

Inna Goldstein
Director, Learning Resource Centers and Tutoring Program
Touro College
360 Neptune Avenue, Room 409
Brooklyn, NY 11235
(718) 885-8534 innag@touro.edu

Leyla Rexha
Assistant to the Director
(718)885-8535 Leyla.Rexha@touro.edu