Pregnancy Policy

A student who becomes pregnant has the option of whether or not to disclose her pregnancy. If a student voluntarily declares her pregnancy, it must be done in writing to the program director using the Declaration of Pregnancy form. This form is available from the program director. The Program Director will provide information about radiation protection during pregnancy and will discuss the options available to the student. These options are listed below.

Should a student become pregnant, the student is encouraged to notify the Program Director, in writing, as soon as possible. This is a recommendation only and the student has the option of continuing the educational program without modification or interruption and without a declared pregnancy.

However, the declared pregnant student:

  • Will indicate her expected date of delivery
  • Will meet with the Radiation Physicist for appropriate counseling.
  • Will be assigned an additional “baby badge” and instructed in its use.
  • May request maternity leave or leave of absence
    • Any requested absence from the program shall be requested in writing according to the Program's Policies.
  • May withdraw the declaration, in writing, at any time.

A second dosimeter will be issued to the student, to be worn at the level of the abdomen to monitor fetal dose, Should a lead apron be worn, the second dosimeter is placed at the level of the abdomen underneath the apron.

In the absence of a voluntary written disclosure, the student shall continue in the program unmodified. The Policy is reviewed at Student Orientation.