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Paralegals, Paralegals Everywhere

July 01, 2015

The paralegal field continues to be one of the fastest growing career paths in the United States in the 21st century, with compensation steadily rising above the daily cost of living at an increasing pace. And at Touro College New York School of Applied and Career Studies (NYSCAS), students know this. While some complete the paralegal program with a bachelor’s already under their belt, others enroll to receive their A.S. in paralegal studies. Some use the program as the foundation for their continued college education, while others use it as a stepping stool to bolster their candidacy for law school.

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Making Splashes in Graphic Design

June 25, 2015

It’s a small seminar of four students in Professor Antony O’Hara’s digital multimedia design class who are analyzing an iPhone 3 advertisement from 2009. It involves a rainbow display of countless small app icons piled on top of each other as if floating out of the phone itself, with the slogan “Thanks a billion.” A minute earlier, they were staring at a monochromatic “Droid Does” ad from the same year, featuring a spinning globe with glowing, translucent apps covering the continents. The students are comparing and critiquing different smartphone print advertisements from over the years—not only in terms of design concept, but how each ad fits each smartphone brand. “What are the trends in each era? What were the designers thinking? And which do you think was more successful?” the professor asks the class.

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