Software Programs

The Learning Resource Center has a number of computer programs on their computers that can help you in your studies. 


PLATO's online learning platform features lessons in English, Math, History, and other subjects. Enrolled users may use PLATO anywhere the Internet is available.

Logging in to PLATO
Enter tc01 for Account Login
Use your Touro ID # for the PLATO Name and Password

If you are having trouble logging on to PLATO, please call the Resource Centers and Tutoring Program office at (718) 265 - 6534 ext. 1022 or call Bella Goldenberg, the PLATO administrator, at (718) 252 - 7800 ext. 208.

College Writing Programs 


The Merit program aids students who are taking English writing courses to develop their paragraph and essay writing skills, to recognize and correct common problems in writing and troublesome points of grammar, to master specific reading skills, and to read non-fiction material critically.

College Writing Skills

College Writing Skills supports the College Writing Courses. It helps students master the traditional five paragraph essay and research paper through the use of lively PowerPoint presentations and interactive exercises.

ESL Programs

English Discoveries

English Discoveries is a multimedia ESL program where all elements of English language learning, grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, listening, and speaking are available. The program is divided into four levels:

  • Let's Start
  • Basic
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Fish Trek

Fish Trek is an interactive computer program designed to help teach English article usage.

English Tutor

English Tutor is a grammar and listening/speaking program for beginning and intermediate ESL students.