Classes are offered at the NYSCAS Manhattan and The Harlem Hospital locations, varying by semester and course.

While taking classes at Harlem Hospital, you will have access to both its facilities and to Touro campus facilities and services.


Students who are accepted in the school are offered the same benefit as an employee. You are given a complete physical, background check and compliance training which is (as with any new employee) the final determinant of your acceptance into the program.

Should the O.H.S. rule against a student for any reason such as evidence of substance abuse he/she shall be terminated immediately with no recourse for appeal. Should you become ill during established school hours you shall be referred to the O.H.S. for evaluation. The referral procedure is performed by either the Program Director or the Director of Education. 


You will have full access to Touro College Libraries and will be able to use the Harlem Hospital Center Library, (MLK Building-Room 6108) while on the premises. 

The Medical Imaging Sciences program maintains a collection of required reading at KP415, which you will have full access to. Should the books or electronic media you need be unavailable the student may place the item on reserve. The borrowing policy is: 

  • Students can check out one book at a time. 
  • Borrow period is for two weeks ONLY. Students shall be notified at checkout of the due date. (Books shall be returned on time). 
  • Students shall return the book in the condition it was received. (Do not write in, highlight, rip out any pages of the book or DAMAGE the book in any other way) 
  • Students need to reserve electronic media under stated guidelines above. 
  • A fine of $2.00 per day shall be charged for each overdue borrowed library item.

Computer Labs:

You will have access to computer labs at the NYSCAS Manhattan campus and The Harlem Hospital, and must adhere to the policy at each location.

The Harlem Hospital computer labs, state you will adhere to the policy on protection and use of information, property and assets documented in the Code of Ethical Conduct. 

  • No food or drinks are allowed at any computer workstation.
  • Each student shall log-off of the computer they have been working on.
  • Students shall not set up personal bookmarks.
  • Any computer problems shall be reported to the Director of Education.
  • Students shall not leave any personal items or documents in any computer lab.

Students shall use the computer lab during program hours Monday – Friday. Classroom and labs are not available during term breaks unless accompanied by a faculty member or staff.

Locker Rooms:

Each student shall be provided with a locker at The Harlem Hospital in which to store their personal effects. The lockers are the property of the school. The program has the right to open student lockers without student permission. The school is not responsible for any items stored in the locker.