5 Interview Tricks Needed to Land Your Dream Internship

We picked the brain of Adriana Jimenez-Garcia, Director of Career and Placement at NYSCAS, to find out what you need to say and do to be successful during an interview for that internship you’ve always wanted.

September 17, 2018
5 Interview Tricks Needed to Land Your Dream Internship
5 Interview Tricks Needed to Land Your Dream Internship
  1. Demonstrate or communicate your experience and skills

    The number one thing candidates can do in an interview is intelligently and clearly articulate their professional experience, capabilities or knowledge. Hiring managers are often impressed when a candidate can “think on their feet” during the interview as this demonstrates competency.

  2. Act professionally

    A candidate who is professional during the interview process will always stand out. When a candidate uses proper grammar, makes eye contact, listens and asks intelligent and relevant questions, it demonstrates how that person will act within the parameters of the position with coworkers and clients. A candidate who will represent the company well and help build its brand in a positive manner will always have the competitive advantage.

  3. Prepare

    Skimming the company’s website five minutes before an interview is not enough. Simple steps to prepare include researching the company, market and opportunity, as well as arriving on time and dressing appropriately. Bring extra copies of your resume and work samples, as well as your portfolio. Don’t forget the names of key references and your letters of recommendation. Most important, think of ways your past experience and skills are relevant to the internship role for which you are interviewing. Thorough preparation for an interview can truly make or break your chances of landing an internship.

  4. Exhibit enthusiasm

    Go ahead and be an eager beaver. Interviewers are impressed when candidates show they are excited about the role as they want to hire someone who is gung ho. The candidate who is ready and willing will likely carry those traits into the position. This doesn’t mean you need an overly peppy personality but enthusiasm for the position, the company and willingness to learn show you’ll go the distance.

  5. Be honest

    A candidate’s honesty is important to interviewers, so be candid and open about past related experiences. This doesn’t mean you have to lay out all the details of previous internships. If your last internship was a negative experience, think of ways to put a positive spin on it. Be truthful without being negative and highlight your strengths or key lessons learned from the situation that you’ll take with you to this new internship.