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Angela Laveglia knew she wanted to be a teacher since kindergarten. “I was raised by my Italian-speaking grandmother, so I went into school knowing no English, and having no idea what the teacher was saying. But I do remember that she was so pleasant, and happy, and loving…and I don’t know how I learned, but I did.”
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New York State Department of Education teacher Lou Epstein has a corkboard he calls his “Daily Reminder.” Whenever he feels worn-out or like he’s losing his motivation, a single look at the board helps him re-affirm who he is and why he does what he does. “It reminds me of the last five years,” says Epstein. The board is a collage of pictures of the special needs children he’s helped.    
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Touro hosts hundreds of Nepalese students every semester in both its undergraduate and graduate programs. In November 2010, the Nepalese Society and Club was founded in conjunction with the Touro College Graduate School of Technology to encourage interaction among the Nepalese students and to provide a strong sense of camaraderie and support to those struggling with adjusting to American life and academics. Since then, the Nepalese Society has hosted a countless number of meetings every week. Students guide each other about classes, teachers, textbooks; enjoy their peers’ company; and, often, discuss Nepalese culture, food and entertainment. Learn about two Nepalese undergraduate alumni who continued on to Touro’s graduate schools.
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