General Certificate

Our general certificate program is for students who have a degree and want to be certified in radiologic technology.

It is a full-time, cohort based program with a lock-step curriculum, and takes two years to complete (64.5 credits). 

Those with International degrees are welcome to apply, our Touro‚Äôs International Student Services can help with transcript evaluations, among other things. 

Course Credits
Fall One
Human Anatomy and Physiology I / Lab 4
Introductory Physics 3
Principles of Imaging I 3
The World of Work 2
Total Number of credits 12
Spring One
Radiation Protection 2
Radiographic Anatomy II 3
Radiographic Procedures I 4
Patient Care I 3
Principles of Imaging II 2
Radiation Physics I 2
Clinical Radiography I 1
Total Number of credits 17
Summer One
Biomedical Ethics 3
Clinical Radiography II 0.5
Radiographic Procedures II 4
Total Number of credits 7.5
Fall Two
Patient Care II 3
Radiographic Anatomy III 3
Clinical Radiography III 1.5
Radiographic Procedures III 4
Radiation Physics II 2
Total Number of credits 13.5
Spring Two
Advanced Imaging 3
Radiation Biology 3
Clinical Radiography IV 1.5
Comprehensive Review 4
Radiographic Pathology 3
Total Number of credits 14.5
Total Number of credits for entire program 64.5