Language and Literature

E007.1 Essentials of Effective Reading and Writing (0 Credits)

Placement by examination. 8 hours.

E007.2 Essentials of Effective Reading and Writing

Prerequisite: E007.1 or placement by examination. 8 hours.

E007.3 Essentials of Effective Reading and Writing (0 Credits)

Prerequisite: Prerequisite: E007.2 or placement by examination. 8 hours

GLL 110 - 111 Introduction to College Writing (4 Credits)

Intensive post-developmental reading and writing, leading to confidence and proficiency in the composition of five-paragraph essays. If no course section of GLL 111 is available, students may enroll in GLL 110.

Prerequisite: E007.3 or placement by examination. Co-requisite: GLL 103 or exemption.

GLL 007 Essentials of Effective Reading and Writing (0 Credits)

Intensive review of basic vocabulary, sentence structure, usage, and reading comprehension, with emphasis on the writing of individual coherent paragraphs.

Prerequisite: Placement by examination. 8 hours.

GLL 103 Critical Reading and Thinking in Ethnic Studies (3 Credits)

This course will teach entering students critical reading and analytical skills to create a solid foundation for their required and elective courses. Through selection by members of diverse ethnic groups in the United States, the course focuses on the application of reading comprehension and critical thinking skills necessary to understand college texts across the curriculum.

Prerequisite: Fulfills the Ethnic Studies requirement.

GLL 105 Information Literacy (2 Credits)

This hands-on course is designed to help students of any major become efficient researchers and critical thinkers, providing them with a foundation for college success and life-long learning.

GLL 121 College Writing I (4 Credits)

Extensive practice in expository writing, with emphasis on the composition of a 3-5 page research paper in MLA format.

Prerequisite: GLL 110 or placement

GLL 122 College Writing II (4 Credits)

Continued practice in expository writing. The capstone project is a 5-7 page research paper in APA format.

Prerequisite: GLL 121 or placement

GLL 124 Report Writing (2 Credits)

Extensive study of writing clear, accurate and persuasive reports. Emphasis on research, organization and presentation of information.

Prerequisite: GLL 122

GLL 206 Business Report Writing (3 Credits)

Extensive study of writing clear, accurate and persuasive business reports. Emphasis on researching, organizing and presenting information.

GLL 222 Creative Writing (3 Credits)

Students develop various creative writing techniques by studying examples drawn from American and English literature.

Prerequisite: GLL 122

GLL 202 Introduction to American Literature (3 Credits)

A survey of nineteenth and twentieth century American writers. Readings from such authors as Hawthorne, Thoreau, Whitman, Dickinson, Twain, Hemingway, Faulkner, Mailer, Bellow, and Malamud.

Prerequisite: GLL 122

GLL 203 Literature of the Ancient World (3 Credits)

The course covers the literature of the ancient world from the beginning of recorded times through the rise of Christianity. Readings in literature include the Scriptures as well as works by such classical writers as Homer, Aeschylus, Plato, Sophocles, Euripides, Virgil, and Ovid.

Prerequisite: GLL 122

GLL 204 Medieval and Renaissance Literature (3 Credits)

The course covers the literature from the medieval period through the Renaissance. Readings in literature include major writers such as Dante, Chaucer, Cervantes, Shakespeare, and Milton.

Prerequisite: GLL 122

GLL 205 Emergence of Modern Literature (3 Credits)

he course will cover the literature from the French Revolution to the present. Readings in literature include major writers such as Rousseau, Blake, Jefferson, Wordsworth, Whitman, Ibsen, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and Baldwin.

Prerequisite: GLL 122

GLL 210 Introduction to Fiction (3 Credits)

Major narrative traditions in literature from Homeric epics to twentieth century novels.

Prerequisite: GLL 122

GLL 211 Modern Drama (3 Credits)

Plays by Ibsen, Chekhov, Strindberg, Shaw, Brecht, Pirandello, et al.

Prerequisite: GLL 122

GLL 215 Introduction to Poetry (3 Credits)

A survey of poetry from medieval European lyrics to contemporary American verse, this course offers an overview of basic poetic techniques and structures.

Prerequisite: GLL 122

GLL 232 Multicultural American Literature (3 Credits)

The canon of American literature is vastly changing with the growing interest of scholars and intellectuals in the literature of multicultural writers. This course focuses on these emerging works, emphasizing their impact on American literature, our culture, and ourselves.

Prerequisite: GLL 122

GLL 233 Literature of the Third World (3 Credits)

Major twentieth-century writers such as Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Colombia) and Wole Soyinka (Nigeria) whose works both sustain and criticize the European literary tradition, and whose themes include the emergence of national identity and the equality of women.

Prerequisite: GLL 122

GLL 235 20th Century Women’s Writings (3 Credits)

An exploration of 20th century women’s writing with emphasis on the transcending feminist voices within these texts. Areas of focus will include: the radical, as well as the more subtle feminist voice; autobiographical women’s writing; the search for selfhood; the lesbian feminist voice, etc.

Prerequisite: GLL 122

GLL 237 African-American Literature (3 Credits)

Works of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and drama written by Americans partly or entirely of African descent, from the 1700s to the present. Special emphasis is placed on often undervalued writings that have provided a foundation for a people devising a practical way of surviving physical and psychic adversity and forging a cultural identity of their own.

Prerequisite: GLL 122

GLL 310 Literature of Survival (3 Credits)

The course will focus on how reading and writing can prove to be empowering and life sustaining. Topics include defining literature of survival and exploring one’s identity.

Prerequisite: GLL 122

GLL 316 Women in Fiction (3 Credits)

A study of various authors (including Aristophanes, Shakespeare, and Ibsen) who portray efforts by women to affirm their individuality and humanity in cultures dominated by men.

Prerequisite: GLL 122

GLL 317 Shakespeare (Upon Request) (3 Credits)

The entire range of Shakespeare’s dramatic art from tragedy and comedy to history and romance; a study of the themes around which Shakespeare constructed his dramatic situations as well as of the conventions of Elizabethan theater.

Prerequisite: GLL 122

GLL 400 Topics In Languages and Literature (1-4 Credits)

See department Chair for course title and description.

Prerequisite: GLL 122. May be repeated for credit.

GLL 481/482 Independent Study (Upon Request) (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: Department and Dean’s permission.

GLL 137 Spanish for Native Speakers I (3 Credits)

This course is designed for students whose first language is Spanish. Through guided compositions, intensive drills, and structured presentation of grammar essentials, the student is expected to become aware of and master oral and written communication in Spanish.

GLL 138 Spanish Workshop I (Annual) (1 Credits)

Prerequisite: GLL 137

GLL 139 Spanish for Native Speakers II (3 Credits)

This course is designed to enable the student already familiar with basic Spanish grammar to express himself/herself in Spanish in a coherent and organized manner. The focus of the course is on the development of writing and analytic skills.

Prerequisite: GLL 137 or permission of instructor.

GLL 140 Spanish Workshop II (1 Credits)

Prerequisite: Corequisite: GLL 139

GLL 141, 142 Spanish I, II (3 Credits)

The essentials of Spanish syntax, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

GLL 144, 145 GLL 144, 145 Spanish Workshop I, II (1 Credits)

Prerequisite: Corequisites: GLL 141 and 142 respectively.

GLL 223 Introduction to American Sign Language (ASL) (3 Credits)

Students will learn the basics of ASL: signs, grammar, finger spelling, vocabulary, use of facial expression and body language to convey meaning.

GLL 224 Intermediate American Sign Language (ASL) (3 Credits)

Students will continue to develop proficiency in ASL.

Prerequisite: GLL 223

GLL 142 Spanish II (3 Credits)

The essentials of Spanish syntax, vocabulary, and pronunciation.