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Department Employee Phone/Ext.
Executive Administrative Dean Eva Spinelli-Sexter


Associate Dean (NYSCAS) Lenin Ortega 5440
Administrative Assistant Carolyn Mustopa 5423
Director of Editorial Services Deborah Becker 5572
Site Director Tracy White 5429
Associate Site Director LIna Lewis 5447
Associate Dean of Faculty Leon Perkal 5350
Associate Dean of Students Timothy Taylor 5513
Administrative Assistant Anahy Antara 5573
Administrative Assistant Jessica Paez 5567
Office Hours: Mon., Tues., Thurs. 9am - 6:30pm, Wed. 9am 5:30pm, Fri. 9am - 2pm
Director Arthur Wigfall 5665
Associate Director Margarita Diaz 5501
International Students Coordinator David Luk 5644
NYSCAS Recruiter Christian Reyes 5520
Admissions Counselor Vincent Poletta 5177
Admissions Counselor Tiffany Patty-Wilson 5216
Mon-Thurs 9am-6pm, Fri. 9am - 2pm
Director of Advisement and Counseling Sophia Volfson 5509
Administrative Assistant Linda Boateng 5499
Administrative Assistant Jillian Ryan 5519
Academic Advisor Ian Smith 5262
Academic Advisor Tammy Moore 5394
Academic Advisor Michelle Coppin 5303
Academic Advisor Lita Cabezas 5511
Career Services
Director Career Services Adriana Jimenez- Garcia 5449
Financial Aid
Office Hours: Mon.& Thurs. 9am - 6:30pm, Tues. & Wed. 9am - 6:30pm, Fri. 9am - 2pm
Associate Director Yelena Volis 5684
Office Hours: Mon. & Tues. 9am-5:30pm, Wed. & Thurs 9am - 6:30pm, Fri. 9am - 2pm
Assistant Bursar Bronislava Lifshits 5154
Office Hours: Mon.- Thurs. 9am-5:30pm, Fri. 9am - 2pm
University Registrar Lidia Meindl 5445
Associate Registrar Svetlana Volis 5228
Assistant to the Registrar Belkis Moquete 5639
Assistant to the Registrar Vanessa Rivera  
Assistant to the Registrar Tasha Rivera 5390
Assistant to the Registrar Dilcia Garcia 5548
Transfer Credits Zakira Tsofina 5654
Instructional and Information Technology Services (IITS)
Senior Computer Lab Technician Arjun Mahat 5240
Technical Manager Albert Bina 5101
Learning, Testing & Tutoring Center
Associate Dean of Students, Director Timothy Taylor 5513
Administrative Assistant Maria Fernandez 5214
Mentoring Coordinator Harriet DuBroff 5423
Testing Center Margarita Ortega 5453
Tutoring Center Coordinator Evette Dunlap 5217
Freshman Retention Center Lioudmila Sergueeva 5582
Office of International Students
Director Sun Hee Choi 5607
Director Bashe Simon 5523
Associate Director Michoel Rotenfeld 5470
Assistant Director Salvatore Russo 5222
Chief Librarian Marina Zilberman 5221
Dean Leon Perkal’s Office
Associate Dean of Faculty Leon Perkal 5350
Administrative Assistant Lorinda Moore 5120
Administrative Assistant Simmone Joseph 5396
Student Mediator Meggy Lindsay 5247
Department Employee Phone/Ext.
Administrative Associate Dean (NYSCAS) Ella Tsirulnik 718 885-8510
Administrative Assistant to the Dean Pauline Lewkovitz 718 885-8504
Academic Director Saranto Pikoulos 718 885-8506
Admin. Assistant to the Faculty Randi Seeley 718 885-8507
Office Hours: Mon. & Wed. 9am-7:00pm, Tue. & Thurs 9am - 5:30pm, Fri. 9am - 2pm
Admissions Counselor Georgiy Perelman 718 885-8501
Admissions Counselor Margarita Demechko 718 885-8502
Admissions Counselor   718 885-8503
NYSCAS Recruitment - Advertisement -Art Development
Director of Student Development & Advertisment Germina Khoruzhaya 718 885-8514
Advertising Assistant Miriam Nierman 718 885-8511
Advertising Assistant Maria Romanova 718 885-8512
Advertising Assistant Yelena Shershova 718 885-8513
Admin. Assistant to Director of Stud. Development Nargiza Yunusova 718 885-8516
Bio Lab   718 885-8518
Chem Lab   718 885-8519
NYSCAS Central Academic Administration
Department Chair of English ESL Prof. Harel Frada 718 885-8520
Admin. Asst Yelena Boym 718 885-8521
Assistant Clerk Liliana Kocherga 718 885-8522
Department Chair of Human Services Dr. David Gerald 718 885-8523
Deputy Chair of Business Prof.Kenneth Dreifus 718 885-8524
Deputy Chair of Education TBA 718 885-8525
Deputy Chair of Social Sciences Dr. Baer Francis 718 885-8526
Academic Advisement
Office Hours: Mon. & Wed. 9am-8:00pm, Tue. 9am - 5:30pm, Thurs. 9am-5:30pm, Fri. 9am-2pm
Academic Advisor Yuliya Sokolovskaya 718 885-8551
Academic Advisor Renate Ross 718 885-8552
Academic Advisor Anna Veretilnaya 718 885-8553
Academic Advisor Marina Kondrashova 718 885-8554
Academic Advisor – Staten Island Galina Kruglyansky 718 885-8555
Career Counselor Zena Schechter 718 885-8556
Financial Aid
Office Hours: Mon., Tue. & Thurs. 9am-5:30pm, Wed. 9am-7pm, Fri. 9am-2pm
Financial Aid Councelor Lyudmila Shmidt 718 885-8547
Financial Aid Councelor Galina Ivanova 718 885-8548
Office Hours: Mon. - Thurs 9am-7pm, Fri. 9am-2pm
Office Hours: Mon., Tues., Thurs 9am-5:30pm, Wed. 9am-7pm, Fri. 9am-2pm
Assistant to Registrar Yelena Nikonovitch 718 885-8549
Assistant to Registrar Katrina Shoykhet 718 885-8550
Computer Labs
Lab Technician Yaroslav Trofimov 718 885-8557
Sr. Lab Technician Galina Stesyuk 718 885-8558
Sr. Lab Technician Gennady Polonskiy 718 885-8559
Sr. Lab Technician Yefim Bernadskiy 718-885-8560
Sience Labs
Lab Tech-Bio Oleg Yefimenko 718 885-8561
Assistant Librarian Magill Miriam 718 885-8545
Assistant Librarian Bella Reytblatt 718 885-8546
Learning Resource & Tutoring Center
Director of  Learning Resource Center Inna Goldshteyn 718 885-8534
Assistant Director Leyla Rexha 718 885-8535
Resource Center Coordinator Ellen Aharonoff 718 885-8536
Testing Center
Testing Coordinator (Brooklyn/Queens) Lisa Alonso 718 885-8537
Assistant Coordinator Hermanie Brijalall 718 885-8538
Tester Virginia Corcoran 718 885-8539
Proctor TBA 718 885-8540
Student Services - Office Hours: Mon. - Thurs. 8:30am-10pm, Fri. 8:30am-2pm
Student Services Coordinator Albertina Zavilevich 718 885-8541
Student Services Associate (Day) Maya Dikhtyar 718 885-8542
Student Services Associate (Evening) Mikhail Ofengeym 718 885-8543
Front Desk/Reception Olga Manulov 718 885-8544
Bookstore Manager Gennady Kontarovich 718 885-8562
Sr. Clerk Valentina Kushnir 718 885-8563
Clerk Larissa Khomyak 718 885-8564
Disabilities Services    
Coordinator of Disabilities Services Rachel Baror 718 885-8527
Department Employee Phone/Ext.
Director Inessa Latypov 101
Student Services Day Coordinator Margarita Miranda 110
Night Coordinator Arlene Goldstein 107
Night Coordinator Polina Tulman 109
Administrative Assistant Alveta King (718) 642-6562/100
Office Hours: Mon. 9am-6pm, Tue. - Thurs 8:30am-5pm, Fri. 8:30am-1:30pm
Admissions Counselor Stanley Chavis 102
Office Hours: Mon. 9am-8pm, Tue. 10am-9pm, Wed. 9am-7pm, Thurs. 9am-9pm, Fri. 9am-2pm
Academic Advisor Ilene Rubenstein 108
Academic Advisor Leo Safyan 106
Financial Aid
Office Hours: Mon. 9am-5pm; Tue.10am-7pm; Wed. 9am-5:30pm, Thurs. 9am-5pm, Fri. 9am-2pm
Associate Director Cheryl Bernath 103
Office Hours: Mon.- Wed. 9am-7pm, Thurs. 9am-2pm
(646) 565-6556    
Office Hours: Mon.- Thurs 9am-5:30pm, Fri. 9am-2pm
Registrar Katrina Shoykhet (718) 449-6160/124
Computer Lab
Lab Technician Vladislav Vasilev 105
Librarian Rita Hilu 104
Learning, Testing & Tutoring Center
Coordinator Joe Infante (718) 642-6562
Math & Computer Tutor Weicheng Huang (718) 642-6562
English Tutor Keith Boldwin (718) 642-6562
Resource Center
Coordinator Sherin Innis (718) 642-6562
Department Employee Phone/Ext.
Director Michael Zangwill 30110
Evening Site Coordinator Esther Rose 30111
Morning Site Coordinator David Berenzon 30112
Administrative Assistant Jennifer Castro 30101
2002 Ave. J Coordinator Aleksandr Ashkinazi (212) 463-0400/5692
Office Hours: Mon., Wed. & Thurs. 9am-5:30pm, Tues.9am-6pm, Fri. 9am-2pm
Admissions Counselor Osias Shapiro 30119
Office Hours: Mon. & Thurs. 9am-8pm, Tues. & Wed. 9am-8pm, Fri. 9am-2pm
Academic Advisor Barry Katz 30109
Academic Advisor Galina Reznikov 30115
Financial Aid
Office Hours: Mon. 9am-7pm, Tues. - Thurs. 9am-5:30pm, Fri. 9am-2pm
Financial Aid Counselor Nataly Pinkhasov 30104
Office Hours: Mon. - Wed. 9am-7pm, Thurs. 9am-2pm
(646) 656-6556    
Office Hours: Mon. 9am-7pm, Tues - Thurs 9am-5:30pm, Fri. 9am-2pm
Assistant to the Registrar Isabella Barskaya 30107
Computer Lab
Senior Lab Technician Alla Stasyuk 30114
Computer Lab Technician Alexander Raymond 30114
Learning, Testing & Tutoring Center
Coordinator/Tutor Luda Tulin (718) 336-6471
Bookstore Clerk   30118
Director (SCAS) Maksim Paliyev 30108
Department Employee Phone/Ext.
Evening Site Coordinator Inna Ishkanyan 5693
Department Employee Phone/Ext.
Site Director Naum Volfson 101
Student Service Coordinator Galina Kadinsky 102
Evening Coordinator Tatyana Portnova 103
Office Hours: Mon. - Thurs. 10am-6:30pm, Sun. 9am-2:30pm
Admissions Recruiter Jennifer Malagoli 109
Office Hours: Mon. - Thurs. 9am-8pm, Fri. 9am-2pm
Academic Advisor Laura Rusakova 106
Academic Advisor Pang Chung 110
Financial Aid
Office Hours: Tues. 9am-5:30pm, Thurs. 10am-6:30pm, Mon & Wed 9am-5:30pm (Located at TCC), Fri. 9am-2pm (Located at TCC)
Financial Aid Counselor Natalya Pinkhasov 112 or (718) 336-6471/30105
Office Hours: Mon. - Wed. 9am-7pm, Thurs. 9am-2pm
   (646) 565-6556
Office Hours (Located at TCC): Mon. - Thurs. 9am-5:30pm, Fri. 9am-2pm
Assistant to the Registrar Izabella Barskaya (718) 336-6471/30107
Assistant Librarian Dora Isakova 107
Computer Lab
Computer Lab Technician Nina Uglova 104, 105
Computer Lab Technician Daniel Kariyev 104, 105
Learning, Testing & Tutoring Center
Director Carmen Shuster 102, 103
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